Testosterone Boosters are a popular supplement category, especially for men. When you get into your 30s you start to experience lower than average testosterone. Everyone is looking for an easy, inexpensive way to boost their testosterone. The truth is many of the over-the-counter test boosting supplements on the market are under dosed and ineffective. That's where Fitness Informant comes in.

Each testosterone booster is personally reviewed by a member of the Fitness Informant staff. We put each test booster through our rigorous testing process. Our testing process first starts with running each testosterone booster for the duration of it's lifecycle. If the product contains a 30-day supply, then we run it for a full 30-days before we do our review. We review each testosterone booster on profile (ingredients used), effectiveness, dosage (is it under dosed?) and value. If the testosterone booster comes in a powder form then we will also review it on taste and mixability. Don't be fooled by marketing slogans and false claims. Trust in our 100% honest, no BS testosterone booster reviews. Be Informed. Live Fit.

Disclaimer: If you participate in any athletics governed by a commission panel of any kind and are tested, you may not pass a performance enhancing drug program.

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