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Primeval Labs Ape Sh*t Untamed: A Simple, Effective Daily Driver

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Overview: Primeval Labs Ape Sh*t Pre-Workout

Primeval Labs Ape Sh*t Pre-workout is a rock solid pre-workout powder that includes ingredients to enhance blood flow, focus, endurance, and energy; while doing so at an affordable $34.99 price point.

The industry is beginning to stray away from absolutely maxed out pre-workout formulas and going back to the basics which focus moreso on synergism between ingredients. Primeval Labs follows this newer trend with their Ape Sh*t formula. Featuring Citrulline, Agmatine, beta alanine, taurine, choline, and an 820mg proprietary energy blend with three different caffeine sources and Yohimbine extract. Overall, Ape Sh*t checks off all the boxes you seek in a clean, yet simple formula. 

Ape Sh*t Untamed by Primeval Labs clocks in at a price point of $34.99 for 40/20 serving size. It is currently available in five different flavors: Pink Lemonade, Rainbow Candy, Strawberry Lemonade, Smashberry, and Mango Pineapple. In typical Primeval Labs fashion, they put an extra emphasis on flavor profile and always nail the flavors. Let's take a deeper dive into the formula and break it down ingredient by ingredient.

Primeval Labs Ape Sh*t Untamed Supplement Facts

*Disclaimer: this article will focus on the formula breakdown based off the 20 serving size.

L-Citrulline – 4.5g

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that plays a role in the urea cycle. It increases serum arginine levels; the substrate for nitric oxide production. Consuming L-CApe Shit Untamed SFPitrulline indirectly increases nitric oxide levels and thus promotes vasodilation (blood vessels expanding) and ultimately, enhances blood flow. Enhanced blood flow = more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and less waste products in them. This increases exercise performance, endurance, and recovery. Clinical dosing is between 4-6 grams; Ape Sh*t Untamed packs 4.5g in its formula.

Beta-Alanine – 3.2g

Beta-Alanine is an amino acid that plays a role in acid-base balance. When consumed, it binds with histidine to form a compund known as carnosyn: whose primary role is to regulate acid-base balance within skeletal muscle tissue. As you exercise, acid accumulates and will reduce exercise performance. Carnosyn binds to hydrogen ions and “buffers” the increase in acidity; that is, prevents drop in pH. This has been shown to offset fatigue and allows for increased endurance, improved power output, and an overall more intense training session. 

L-Taurine – 2g

Another amino acid highly prevalent in electrically active tissue. Taurine has a wide range of benefits;it is considered an osmoregulator and controls intracellular fluid volume. It also regulates calcium homeostasis; an electrolyte that plays a critical role in muscular contraction. Taurine also plays a role in overall cardiovascular health by promoting vasodilation via reducing production of angiotensin II. By prioritizing the use of fat for fuel, taurine has been shown to enhance endurance training.

AgmaMax Agmatine Sulfate – 750mg

Agmatine is a metabolite of L-arginine and also plays a role in the production of nitric oxide. It pairs very well with L-citrulline and has synergistic effects with one another for improving blood flow. Agmatine sulfate is bonded with a sulfate ion for improved solubility. Without diving too far into its mechanism of action, agmatine sulfate acts on the third nitric oxide synthase and promotes endothelial (the inner lining of blood vessels) relaxation, and thus promotes blood flow. An effective dose of agmatine sulfate ranges from 500mg to 1000mg; Ape Sh*t packs 750mg in this formula.

Ape Sh*t Blend – 820mg

Ape Sh*t’s Blend features five different ingredients to provide lasting energy and focus on all levels. To kick things off, Ape Sh*t packs three different forms of everyone’s favorite central nervous system stimulant: caffeine. The first source, caffeine citrate, has a more rapid onset and provides energy for a shorter duration of time. Caffeine anhydrous is the purest form of caffeine and is the form that most of us are familiar with. Di caffeine malate provides longer lasting energy; together, these three forms of caffeine provide energy on several different levels throughout the entirety of your workout. To round out the energy complex, we have yohimbine extract. Derived from the bark of the West African Yohimbine Tree, this stimulant pairs well with caffeine and increases thermogenesis.

For additional focus, Ape Sh*t includes a choline source on top of the previously mentioned stimulants. Choline bitartrate is potentially the most popular choline source in the industry. It increases our neurotransmitter acetylcholine which plays a role in focus, cognition, and skeletal muscle contraction. 

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Final Takeaway

Ape Sh*t keeps things simple and packs everything you need in a solid pre-workout. With the industry popularizing the absolutely stacked, loaded-to-the-gills formulas as of late, its nice seeing a company stray away from that and stick to the basics. 

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