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Being an ALPHA LION means that you are making a daily conscious effort to "BE SUPERHUMAN" in every aspect of your life - in and out of the gym.

This means no shortcuts! Alpha Lion takes a huge stance against the use of performance enhancing drugs, and all of our products are 100% safe and tested.

You are consuming a product that Is Scientifically Researched and Designed to solve a specific problem. No Under dosing Key Ingredients: Do some ingredients cost more than others? Of course! Do we under dose or leave those ingredients out so we have more money to spend on marketing? 110% NO!

No Proprietary Blends: You will never find our formulas hidden under a proprietary blend. With each product, you know EXACTLY how much of each ingredient it contains. No Filler Ingredients - When we create the products we break them down into specific matrix's that have a synergistic effect with each-other. Every single ingredient and combination has a specific purpose. No room for cheap filler ingredients or prop blends! 

Alpha Lion Pre-Workout

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Alpha Lion Latest Reviews

Alpha Lion Komodo Pump Review: Flavorful and Full of Pumps
Alpha Lion Komodo Pump is a really nice non-stimulant pump and pre-workout formula that does not feature exogenous nitrates. We get four branded ingredients, all used at acceptable dosages and complimentary ingredients that will lead to solid pumps and focus.
Alpha Lion Alpha Gains Review: Become Alpha With Alpha Gains
Alpha Lion Alpha Gains is another solid product from Alpha Lion. With the addition of Arimistane, this is going to be one of the better anti-estrogen products on the market.
Alpha Lion Cheetah Review: Speed Up Your Fat Loss Like a Cheetah
Alpha Lion has given us one of the most comprehensive fat burners on the market here with Cheetah. It provides solid energy, effective thermogenesis, good taste, and come at a fair value.
Alpha Lion Lion’s Blood Review: Breaking Through Muscle Plateaus
Alpha Lion Lion's Blood is a non-hormonal, all-natural anabolic featuring two key ingredients: Laxogenin and Epicatechin. With these two ingredients combined, your body essentially can surpass muscle plateaus while not impacting your endocrine system. This will come at a price, but if muscle gains are worth it to you, and you want to keep them, Alpha Lion Lion's Blood may be one of your better choices.
Alpha Lion Alpha Shredder Review: A Tag Team Partner In Fat Loss
Alpha Shredder is Alpha Lion's capsule fat burner which really aims in on thermogenesis. A fully transparent label and the use of ingredients like Advantra Z and Yohimbine is sure to make you sweat. Alpha Lion's Alpha Shredder is a full 30-day supply of a quality fat burner you can get behind.
Alpha Lion Gain-O-Rade Review: Full Spectrum Aminos with Hydration
Gain-O-Rade from Alpha Lion is a full spectrum amino acid product containing 10g of amino acids. It also contains a hydration complex which helps improve your overall intra-workout experience. Gain-O-Rade tastes great and has a high amount of EAAs that you don't typically find in an amino product. If you want something containing a lot of EAAs and tastes good, Gain-O-Rade from Alpha Lion can play that part in your life.
Alpha Lion Superhuman Review: The Kick You Need To Energize Your Workout
Superhuman Supreme is a special edition of their Superhuman pre-workout. It is released several times per year and sells out fast. Why? It is a loaded formula meant for the hardest days in the gym. Superhuman Supreme packs energy, focus, pump, endurance and strength/power into one helluva pre-workout.
Alpha Lion Alpha Dreams Review: No Phenibut? No Problem!
Alpha Dreams is the sleep aid from Alpha Lion that helps you fall to sleep quicker and stay asleep once you do. Alpha Lion is a bit of a risk taker, but decided to create Alpha Dreams without Phenibut, but relied on a 2mg dosage of Melatonin. Overall Alpha Dreams will help you fall to sleep but you won't wake up groggy or feeling tired. You will be ready to take on the day.
Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme Review: A Special Release Powerhouse
Superhuman Supreme is a special edition of their Superhuman pre-workout. It is released several times per year and sells out fast. Why? It is a loaded formula meant for the hardest days in the gym. Superhuman Supreme packs energy, focus, pump, endurance and strength/power into one helluva pre-workout.

Alpha Lion Latest News

Alpha Lion Releases Label for Retail Exclusive Superhuman Supreme
The reformulated Superhuman Supreme from Alpha Lion has been released to brick and mortar retailers.
Alpha Lion Reformulated Superhuman Available at
Alpha Lion's popular preworkout Superhuman is available at featuring the reformulated formulation.
Over $40,000 Raised in Supplement Drive for Australia
Over $40,000 was raised and donated to support two charities in Australia to aid in the fire fighting and animal rescue process.
Alpha Lion Brining Back Superhuman Supreme OG Formula for Australia
Alpha Lion is doing one more run of their original Superhuman Supreme formula to support the efforts in Australia.
Supplement Drive for Australia
The dietary supplement industry is coming together to help support Australia by donating a portion of their proceeds during the weekend of January 17-19.
Alpha Lion Launches Two New Cheetah Fat Burner Products
The 2019 Fitness Informant Breakout Brand of the Year is starting 2020 hot with the launch of two new Cheetah fat burner products.
Alpha Lion’s Limited Edition Santa Sauce Super Human Featuring New Formula Available Now
Alpha Lion's limited holiday edition Santa Sauce Super Human, featuring the new label, is now available at
Alpha Lion Brings Cherry Popper to Superhuman Supreme
Alpha Lion will bring their popular Cherry Popper flavor over to their Superhuman Supreme for Black Friday weekend.
Alpha Lion’s Last Original Supreme Ever, Santa Sauce, Coming Thanksgiving
Alpha Lion will launch, for the last time, their original Supreme formula in Santa Sauce, a strawberry cheesecake flavored pre-workout.
Alpha Lion Partners with for Exclusive Online Retail
Alpha Lion has agreed to make the exclusive online retailer of the brand.
BREAKING: Alpha Lion Wins 2019 Breakout Brand of the Year Award
Alpha Lion wins the 2019 Fitness Informant Shield of Excellence Supplement Award for Breakout Brand of the Year.
Alpha Lion Lemonardo Da Vinci Superhuman Available Now
Alpha Lion's newest flavor of Superhuman, Lemonardo Da Vinci, is now available!
Alpha Lion Lemonardo Da Vinci Superhuman Coming Soon
Alpha Lion will be launching a sweet lemonade flavor Superhuman called Lemonardo Da Vinci on November 1st.
Alpha Lion Jason Juice Coming October 18th
Alpha Lion will be launching a halloween inspired flavor of Superhuman Supreme called Jason Juice.
Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme Available Now!
Alpha Lion's highly anticipated Superhuman Supreme is now available for purchase.
Alpha Lion Bringing Back Superhuman Supreme Full-Time
Alpha Lion is bringing back their popular pre-workout Super Human Supreme, but this time it is staying for good.
Alpha Lion GAIN-O-RADE Available Now!
Alpha Lion's new and improved amino acid product, GAIN-O-RADE, is now available.
Alpha Lion GAIN-O-RADE Coming Soon!
Alpha Lion is launching a full spectrum amino acid and hydration product called GAIN-O-RADE.
Alpha Lion Limited Edition Cherry Popper Flavor Coming September 1st
Alpha Lion will be launching a limited edition flavor of their popular pre-workout Superhuman set to launch on September 1st.
Alpha Lion Releasing Cyborg; A Comprehensive Bone & Joint Supplement
Alpha Lion will launch Cyborg, a comprehensive bone and joint supplement on Monday, August 26.
G.O.A.TEIN from Alpha Lion Coming July 29th
Alpha Lion is launching their first whey protein product called G.O.A.TEIN in three flavors, coming July 29th.
Alpha Lion’s Limited Edition Freedom Juice Now Available
Freedom Juice, an extremely limited edition version of Superhuman Supreme from Alpha Lion is officially on-sale.
Alpha Lion’s Limited Edition Freedom Juice Coming July 4th
Freedom Juice, an extremely limited edition pre-workout from Alpha Lion, is coming July 4th.