Muscle Building Supplements can come in a variety of forms. The ones many of us are familiar with are prohormones and testosterone boosters. However, we also include SARMS, cycle support and the "other" category. Those in the "other" category are supplements that are not generalized as one of the categories listed above, but help assist in muscle growth. Products like epicatechin would fall into this category. 

Each muscle building supplement is personally tested by a member of the Fitness Informant staff. We use the entirety of the product BEFORE we write a review. Many websites will try a product for a week and do their review. Not us. We believe that you deserve to know what kind of impact a product can have based on the full life cycle. If a product has a 30-day cycle, then we use it for the full 30-days before we write and record our reviews. We owe it to you to provide you 100% honesty and transparence. Be Informed. Live Fit.

Disclaimer: If you participate in any athletics governed by a commission panel of any kind and are tested, you may not pass a performance enhancing drug program with some of these products.

Get The Perfect Cycle Support Supplement to go with your Muscle Builder

Cycle Support

Featured Muscle Building Supplements

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Diverge Max Prohormone

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Superdrol Prohormone

Repp Sports R-PCT


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