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Primeval Labs, A hardcore bodybuilding brand of dietary supplements. They are famous for their Mega Test, Mega Pre Pre-Workout, Pyretic, EAA Aminos and much more.

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Primeval Labs Intracell 7 Black Review: Carbs, Amino and Electrolytes Oh My!
This is one of our favorite intra-workout supplements created with the use of high quality carb sources, a full spectrum of aminos and added ingredients for hydration and pump.
Primeval Labs Mega Pre Black Review: Open Label with Big Results
As far as effectiveness goes, this is currently one my favorite pre-workouts. The focus and energy is solid at both 1 or 2 servings, and if you’re a responder to Dynamine, this is a must try.
Primeval Labs EAA Max Review: A Safe EAA Formula
Overall, a solid BCAA product that could feature more EAAs if you look at others on the market but still one of our better amino products overall with the additional features involved.
Primeval Labs Isolit Review: One of the Tastiest Isolate Proteins Available
Isolit is a delicious protein powder that mixes nicely and gives you the benefit of 25g of protein along with 25mg of digestive enzymes for gut health.

Primeval Labs Latest News

Primeval Labs Mega Pre Red Label Reveal & Pre-Order
Primeval Labs took to social media to tease a their new pre-workout, Mega Pre Red and opens up pre-orders.
Primeval Labs Teases Mega Pre Red
Primeval Labs took to social media to tease a their new pre-workout, Mega Pre Red.
Primeval Labs Launching Fat Burner Called Pyretic Black
Pyretic, a new fat burner from Primeval Labs, is set to hit the market with 100mg TeaCrine, 40mg Grains of Paradise & more.
Primeval Labs Intracell 7 Black First Look
Primeval Labs Intracell 7 Black coming this Friday - here's your first look!