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Musclesport® prides itself on being an exclusive sports nutrition brand. But what does the term 'exclusive' really mean when it comes to sports supplements?

Imagine for a minute that you've decided to purchase an exotic car. You can’t walk into your average local dealership, test drive a brand new exotic car & walk off the lot with it that same day. You would need to visit a specialty dealership that deals only in exotic cars and understands the intrinsic value it holds.

The exclusivity of the car stems from the delicate attention to detail and hours of focus that went into creating it. All of the attention to detail that other carmakers may have missed, all of the intricate stitching that really separates the masterpiece from its competitors. This is what makes the exotic car 'exclusive' and worth the extra attention it receives.

We've championed this principle throughout our product and the sports nutrition industry. Anyone can create a formula & have it mass produced and distributed throughout the market with profit as the only goal. The differentiating factor, however, lies with a group of people that put their heart & soul into a brand to ensure that every single detail is inline before a product ever sees a shelf.

We promise to always be the exotic car of the sports nutrition industry.

Lean Whey


  • Simultaneously builds muscle & burns fat*
  • 24 grams of protein per serving
  • High-quality whey protein isolate & peptides
  • Novel Lean Muscle Matrix
  • Digested & absorbed quickly*
  • No bloating or gastric distress*
  • Unique & delicious flavors

Musclesport Latest Reviews

MuscleSport Rhino Black V2 Review: A Worthy Successor
MuscleSport Rhino V2 is a preworkout meant to aid with energy, pumps, and performance.
MuscleSport Rhino Black King’s Ransom Review: The Best MuscleSport Pre-Workout Ever
MuscleSport Rhino Black King's Ransom pre-workout is the best pre-workout formulated by the brand ever. The formula addresses all five essentials of a workout: pump, focus, energy, strength/power and endurance.
MuscleSport Rhino Black Pre-Workout Review: A Big Scoop of Effctiveness
MuscleSport's Rhino Black Pre-Workout is one of the more effective pre-workout supplements we've used. A hefty scoop of 23g contains clinical dosages of key ingredients to give off a really good energy and pump with added focus.
MuscleSport AminoREV EAA Review: A Loaded Amino Formula
MuscleSports AminoREV EAA is a packed intra-workout and even post-workout recovery drink as it's more than just an amino product. This thing is loaded from A to Z. While most EAA products are 99% BCAAs and a little EAAs, AminoREV gives us great dosages of both while tossing in extras. A well formulated EAA product worth every penny.
MuscleSport Lean Whey Review: Best Tasting Protein Available
Lean Whey is MuscleSport’s Whey Protein Isolate featuring flavors like Lean Charms and CinnaCrunch. You get 23g of Whey Protein Isolate and Peptides in a flavor format that will be attractive to many.

Musclesport Latest News

MuscleSport Launches Protella Flavored Collagen Protein
MuscleSport has added their Protella flavor to their Collagen Peptides line.
MuscleSport Pistachio Ice Cream Lean Whey Launching August 6th
MuscleSport is launching the next flavor in their limited edition Lean Whey series, this time in Pistachio Ice Cream flavor.
MuscleSport BCAA NRG “Firecracker” Flavor Coming Back
MuscleSport is bringing back "Firecracker" for the holiday weekend!
MuscleSport Drops Limited Edition Irish Cookie Shake Lean Whey
MuscleSport drops a limited edition Irish Cookie Shake version of their Lean Whey.
MuscleSport Launches Collagen Product For International Women’s Day
The new Collagen supplement comes in three awesome flavors.
MuscleSport Unveils Their Re-Brand for 2021
MuscleSport revealed their re-brand for 2021 due out by the end of April.
MuscleSport Has Launched Supercarb™
The new carb supplement from Musclesport is now available on their website.
Musclesport Launches Revamped Lean Whey Lean Charms
Musclesport has just launched a revamped version of their Lean Whey Lean Charms,
MuscleSport To Launch Italian Rainbow Cookie Lean Whey
The new flavors from MuscleSport will be available in the near future.
MuscleSport To Launch Limited Edition Halloween Flavor
MuscleSport will be launching a limited edition Ghoulade flavor for Halloween.
MuscleSport Launches PBJ Protein
MuscleSport has just launched a new PBJ Lean Whey flavor.
MuscleSport Teases New Flavor Of Lean Whey
MuscleSport is set to launch the new flavor of protein tomorrow.
July 4th Special Coming from MuscleSport
MuscleSport will be launching new flavors for the upcoming holiday
MuscleSport Launches Rhino Black V2 Mango Mania
MuscleSport Rhino Black V2 has just launched a new flavor called Mango Mania
MuscleSport Releases 3 New Limited Edition Flavors of BCAA Revolution
MuscleSport BCAA Revolution now has 3 new flavors to its lineup.
Over $40,000 Raised in Supplement Drive for Australia
Over $40,000 was raised and donated to support two charities in Australia to aid in the fire fighting and animal rescue process.
MuscleSport Launches it’s Updated Pre-Workout Rhino Black V2
MuscleSport Launches it's Updated Pre-Workout Rhino Black V2
Supplement Drive for Australia
The dietary supplement industry is coming together to help support Australia by donating a portion of their proceeds during the weekend of January 17-19.
BREAKING: MuscleSport Lean Whey Unicorn Cookie Shake Named 2019 Protein of the Year
MuscleSports' Lean Whey Unicorn Cookie Shake has been named the 2019 Fitness Informant Shield of Excellence Protein of the Year.
BREAKING: MuscleSport King’s Ransom Named 2019 Pre-Workout of the Year
MuscleSports' Rhino Black King's Ransom has been named the 2019 Fitness Informant Shield of Excellence Pre-Workout of the Year and will return full-time!
Xmas Cookie Dough Lean Whey from MuscleSport Coming Black Friday
MuscleSport will be launching limited edition Xmas Cookie Dough on Black Friday.
MuscleSport BCAA Revolution Gets Limited Edition Flavors
MuscleSport has launched three limited edition flavors of BCAA Revolution available now on their brand website.
MuscleSport Limited Edition Forbidden Fruit Coming September 10
MuscleSport will be launching their next limited edition Rhino Black pre-workout on September 10th called Forbidden Fruit.
MuscleSport Will Launch Next Iteration of “Kings Ransom” Pre-Workout
MuscleSport will be launching their next limited edition Rhino Black pre-workout which the brand is calling the next iteration of "King's Ransom"
Episode 40: Greg Helton (CMO MuscleSport)
Greg Helton, CMO of MuscleSport, discusses his marketing approaching in the industry to not deceive consumers, jealousy and future innovation for MuscleSport.
MuscleSport Debuts Two New Delicious Flavors of LeanWhey
MuscleSport is launching two new delicious flavors of LeanWhey, Fluffernutter and Coconut Caramel.
Pre-Order MuscleSport’s King’s Ransom and Save 40%
MuscleSport's new limited edition pre-workout, King's Ransom, is available now for pre-order and you can save 40%!
MuscleSport Releases Limited Edition Rhino Black Kings Ransom Label
MuscleSport is releasing their Kings Ransom label, a new limited edition pre-workout supplement due out at the end of May.
MuscleSport Celebrating Game of Thrones Return with White Dragon Pre-Workout
MuscleSport is celebrating the return of Games of Thrones with their White Dragon Rhino Black pre-workout.
MuscleSport Teases A Royal Launch Coming This May
MuscleSport is teasing a new product coming this May formulated for royalty.
MuscleSport Lean Whey Unicorn Cookie Shake Now Available
MuscleSports highly anticipated Limited Edition Unicorn Cookie Shake Lean Whey is now available for purchase nationwide.
MuscleSport To Be Carried In Vitamin Shoppe Stores Nationwide
MuscelSport USA has struck a deal to have their items carried at Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide.


Here at Musclesport® we have extensive procedures we take to ensure you’re getting a product that will deliver the highest expectation that you expect. We are constantly testing every single one of our ingredients in our state-of-the-art lab to make sure it meets top quality standards. From the time our raw ingredients reach our manufacturing facility, to the time it’s shipped out, you can be rest assured that the finished product is intended what it is supposed to do.

We also make sure to put full transparency on all of our labels to make sure it lists exactly what you’re getting. What we can promise you when you order from us is that you will receive a pristine, clinically dosed product, every time.

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