Fat burners are all the rage in the sports nutrition industry with promises of a smaller waist line and a tighter mid-section. The truth is, many over-the-counter fat burners are non-effective due to the lack of quality ingredients and under dosing. It is important for you to understand what each ingredient is doing in terms of increasing body temperature (thermogenic), speeding up metabolism and improving your overall performance (the better exercise you have the more calories you can burn). Fat burner supplements can help you achieve weight loss goals and ideal body fat percentages, but you need to know exactly what you're buying. That's where Fitness Informant comes in.

Each fat burner supplement is personally tested by a member of the Fitness Informant staff. We review each fat burner supplement (pill form) on profile (ingredients used), effectiveness, dosage (are the ingredients properly dosed to produce any effect?) and value. If the fat burning supplement is in a powder format we will also review it on taste and mixability. We are driven by educating the public on proper supplementation, and not by increasing the number in our bank account. Be part of the Fitness Informant community. Be Informed. Live Fit.

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Featured Fat Burner Supplements

Repp Sports RAZE

Repp Sports Raze Fat Burner

American Metabolix Exile SS

Exile Super Shock

NutraKey L-Carnitine 1500

L-Carnitine 1500

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