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Core Nutritionals Core LOAD Review: Making Sure You Use Those Carbs!
Core LOAD is a GDA, glucose disposal agent, designed to help us utilize the carbs the best way possible Using four proving ingredients, Core LOAD is a solid GDA that when taken with high carb meals can help you use those carbs (glycogen) to be burned as fuel to improve energy and help lead to a massive pump. More energy and pump means bigger muscles.
Core Nutritionals Core ABC Review: The Tastiest Amino Alive
Core ABC BCAA is going to rank as one of the best amino products on the market due to the 10g 2:1:1 ratio BCAA and amazing taste. Don't let the price tag fool you, you get more in this than you do with the "value play" products.

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Episode 10: BCAAs vs EAAs – The REAAL Core Debate
BCAAs or EAAs, which do you prefer? REAAL Muscle launched an EAA product using marketing claims backed by a 2017 study by Dr. Wolfe (Branched-chain amino acids and muscle protein synthesis in humans: myth or reality?), some claims in which people took offense too. We welcome in REAAL National Sales Director Ian Bell and one of those critical of the claims, Kenton Engle, the CMO of Core Nutritionals to debate the topic of BCAAs vs. EAAs and the 2017 Wolfe study. You don’t want to miss this! Subscribe now!